Monat Hair Paradise follows the Monat Mission which is: to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.

Monat Hair Paradise loves to offer the only Free Monat VIP sign up where you get a $25 gift card when you sign up. We then take it one step further by offering a $35 gift card when you sign up to become a Monat Market Partner.

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Monat VIP Vs. Monat Market Partner

There are a few key differences between being a Monat VIP and being a Monat Market Partner. In this article, we will go over the most important factors that you need to consider between the two offerings as well as highlight the added advantage of registering with Monat Hair Paradise.

      MONAT VIP:

  1. ENROLL: Pay a one-time membership fee of $19.99 and agree to purchase three Flexship orders, to receive exclusive perks only available to VIPs.

  2. SHOP: Choose products for your first order which will ship immediately. Shipping is always free for orders $84 USD or more. You’ll always receive 15% off retail price as a VIP

  3. SCHEDULE: Agree that your second and third Flexships are also $84 USD or more. Order them on your schedule! You decide when they come, you can push delivery out as often as you like.

  4. 15% OFF: Enjoy 15% discount on all MONAT naturally based products–from shampoo to styling products. Your wallet and hair will thank you.

  5. FREE SHIPPING: We think our VIPs deserve the very best. The days of high-priced shipping charges are over. Each qualifying Flexship of $84 USD or more means you can wave goodbye to shipping fees! Delight in our convenient direct-to-home delivery service.

  6. Who doesn’t love free products? You’ll receive free Only For You Limited Edition monthly products (valued at $25 USD retail) in each qualifying Flexship order of $84 USD or more. This one’s on us.MONAT Market Partner:

    MONAT Market Partner:

    1. ENROLL: You can build something special with MONAT! Start your MONAT business now. Just $99 USD/ $125 CAD (with an annual $49.99 US / $64.99 CAN renewal fee) will open the next chapter in your life. When you join, you’ll receive the MONAT Starter Kit, which includes training and marketing materials, and plenty of product samples to share with friends. Learn more below.

    2. Eligible for Independent Market Partner promotions and incentives

    3. Your own replicated website/e-commerce store for easy ordering

    4. 30% commission on retail sales, 15% commission on VIP Customer sales

    5. Access to our physical and web-based materials to inform you, your team and your customers

    6. No inventory requirements; MONAT ships directly

    7. Freedom to explore sales territories locally and nationally

    8. Prizes and fabulous incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals

    9. Access to Product Packs within your first 30 days of enrolling